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  • Arc Street - 520WH Electric Bike Kit

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    The street legal electric bike kit from Arc offers you all of the important features as standard. From the massive capacity battery, backed up by high quality Samsung cells - To the incredibly strict quality control and one of the best warranties around. They do not mess about.

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  • BBS01 Mid Drive Electric Bike Kit Bafang - B Series

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    A popular choice of mid drive kit from a proven name in the industry - The Bafang mid drive kit delivers a great amount of torque by powering the chain wheel. Available in 250W or 350W and with your choice of batteries.

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  • Street Legal Electric Bike Kit - Samsung Power 2.0

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    36V 13Ah (470Wh) - 100 km (62 miles) Max Range

    The newest version of our all-time best-selling street legal conversion kit.

    Featuring all of the greatness of its predecessor with some major upgrades such as a finely incremented thumb throttle, e-brake sensors so you can use your existing brake levers, matte black Dillenger hub and spokes, and most significantly: the greatly improved, high capacity Samsung battery system.

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