Let's face it - The look on cyclists faces when you glide past them, in your work clothes, sweat free, up a hill ..one handed, is priceless

Our products are in a constant development cycle so we can keep ahead of the competition. When you buy from Dillenger, you’re getting the latest in a proven pedigree

Careful Couriers

Fast Couriers

Electric bikes and conversion kits couriered to your door, means you’re up and riding about much quicker

Our speedy network of couriers and logistics companies are spread all over the globe and have a very specific set of skills – They will look for you, they will find you ..and they will deliver your package

Lowering Emissions

Do Your Part

What would happen if everyone in the world substituted 15% of their weekly emissions producing travel with electric bikes? Great things!

We understand the massive negative impact that current transportation emissions have on the globe – and we truly believe that electric bikes and ebike kits can play a huge part in reducing these

Dillenger Electric Bikes and Electric Bike Kits

Tom at the Dillenger Shop Front in Australia

Our industry leading electric bikes and electric bike kits are growing rapidly in popularity all over the world. For that, we owe a big thank you to our fantastic customers, and in-house bike designers and engineers Sam and Tom!

The team at Dillenger has recently pumped up the customer service division. Offering live chat, phone and email, and increasing to 24 hour support to improve on our already outstanding reputation.

By offering our customers the best electric bikes, electric bike kits possible, along with an industry leading warranty and outstanding after sales service, we have grown exponentially, from a small local business to one of the largest international manufacturers and suppliers of quality electric bikes and electric bike kits.

Our electric bikes range from $499 for our entry level Cheetah model up to $2,699 for our top of the line Outlaw – capable of reaching speeds up to 45km/h out of the box. Along with our range of electric bikes, we offer a variety of electric bike kits to transform your plain old bike – to an electric powered bike in no time. These kits start from $440 and go up in price depending on battery chemistry, power and capacity.

6 Languages 18 Countries

Global Reach

Currently in 6 different languages - We want you to be able to access and enjoy our products. No matter where in the world you are!

Every chance we can get, we expand our brand into new countries and markets. While this means that we don’t get much sleep, it also gives everyone a chance to enjoy our products – worldwide!

Enterprise SSL

Secure Checkout

Shop online with confidence and ease for the latest in high quality electric bikes and e bike conversion kits at fantastic prices

Our server communications are secured with the very latest in Secure Sockets Layer encryption. What does this mean? Your details are safe! – One less thing to worry about when purchasing through Dillenger

Customer Service

Peace of Mind

Ever improving customer care team, dedicated to helping you out whatever the problem. Not sure where that cable goes? Can't find your shoes?

We understand some people just want to talk about our products, ask us questions directly – The old fashioned way. Give us a call