Dillenger/Crystalyte 6,500W High Voltage 65km/h (40mph) Conversion Kit

The fastest, highest powered plug and play conversion kit in the world is now on the market. The Dillenger/Crystalyte 6,500W kit uses the best components from Dillenger, Crystalyte, Grin and LG to create one absolute monster of a conversion kit. This is manufactured for the custom bike build market. The power and torque of this kit make it considerably unsuitable for the majority of regular bike frames. Whilst the kit comes with Dillenger's 'Mega torque arms' which remove the risk of the bikes dropouts from spinning out, the performance is just not suitable for most 'bicycles'. If you're building a custom e-bike and you're looking for a state of the art, high powered system with plug and play connectivity and the most power possible, then this kit is for you. Although we don't offer a regular eibike kit warranty on this beast, we have done a lot of testing to get a balance between performance and longevity.

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Product Description


72V Performance

If you've dabbled in high-powered electric bikes before you will no doubt understand the pure joy of riding a bike that has more acceleration than most cars. There's a threshold of what is possible with 48V and within that realm there is certainly a lot of enjoyment to be had. Once you've grown accustomed to that mountain of power at your fingertips, the natural progression is to wonder what else is out there for the next step up in performance. In the past, you would have been looking at a messy array of li-po's (hobby RC batteries) which are very tricky to assembly, mount and dangerous to charge (and discharge). We could not find a commercially viable, safe and practical solution for a 72V electric bike battery system, so we spent two years making one. The 72V Hardcase uses the best cells on the market from LG (20A drain), Dillenger's proprietary Hardcase mounting system, industry level BMS, Anderson genuine power poles and protected 72V charger. This system has been put through e-bike hell and back to prove reliability and longevity for this application.

Hardcase mounting system

Once you've been initiated into e-bike obsession, you'll know the requirement for Watt-hours. A large capacity means a longer range, but a large capacity is also needed to handle the instantaneous load on the battery. 5P (5 banks of 20S in parallel) configuration using a 20A cell gives a maximum-continuous safe drain of 100A. With 100 cells, this pack is a perfect size but it is not small. One of the biggest issues with the development of this conversion kit system was how to mount this many cells. Going 65km/h with weight loose on the bike (every bag system), or too high (rear rack) is flat out dangerous. We've ridden almost every soft pack configuration available and the convenience is excellent, but the ride quality suffers. We've come up with a pack shape and a case mounting system that allows the pack to be rigidly mounted within a typical large size diamond shaped bicycle frame.

Speed and Torque

We chose the TC4065 as the only motor option for this kit. The other configurations can offer more speed (and less torque) or more torque (and less speed), yet the 65km/h winding was overwhelmingly the ideal compromise between speed and torque. The TC4065 uses a 40mm stator/magnet width which is the most powerful design that will fit within a normal bicycle frame (a little bit of a stretch at 138mm). With the 90A, 6,500W configuration, you won't be beaten off the mark by anything else on the road. With the massive amounts of torque generated, we also had to develop our 'Mega torque arms'. Bicycle dropouts are designed to hold vertical and longitudinal loading, not torque, and most torque arms don't protect a frame at 6.5kW. As a final road test for the Mega torque arms, we removed the dropouts entirely from the test bike (admittedly a terrible Faux pas) so that the entire amount of torque from the motor was held by the Mega torque arms. These torque arms essentially add motorcycle strength dropouts to your rear forks and transmit the loads along the frame where the force is lessened at distance from the fulcrum/axle. We've designed them to be as universal as possible but there are some models of deraile(not that you'll be doing any pedaling) that may require some angle grinder artistry.

Plug and play

The ultimate objective of this conversion kit is to give the user motorcycle performance on their custom build, with the conversion kit side of the project 'plug and play'. The battery mounts to the frame, the controller mounts to the Hardcase system, the wheel slots into the rear dropouts, the Mega torque arms mount to the rear forks/axle and the Cycle Analyst and throttle mount to your handlebars. Plug in the Anderson discharge plug, snap together the CA and Cystalyte connections, and away you go! Included with the High Voltage kits is everything you need to get going, including a range of optional fasteners for the Hardcase (to suit different down tube shapes) and a pair of Mega torque arms with fasteners. All that's left to purchase is a hub motor toolkit (if you need tools) and a single, 6, 7, 8 or 9 speed freewheel (we recommend single or 6 speed). We've made it as straightforward as possible, just like our popular 36V and 48V kits. The rest is up to you! We've included custom CA settings in the manual which are also essential.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Assembly Required Yes
Designation High powered conversion kit
Main Use Custom e-bike builds
Peak Power 6,500W
Max Speed 65km/h (40mph)
Max Range Variable
Throttle Type Twist throttle
Handlebar Display CAV3
Max Weight N/A


Battery Chemistry LiMn2O4 Lithium Ion
Nominal Battery Voltage 72V
Charged Battery Voltage 84V
Battery Capacity 12.5Ah
Nominal Battery Energy 900Wh
Battery Removable Yes
Battery Cell Type 18650
Cell Spec LG18650HE2 (20A)
Cell Configuration 20S5P
Built in BMS Yes
Other Features Secure, armored Hardcase protection
Maximum Battery Charge Cycles 1,000 design life
Battery Charger Type 3A Charger
Battery Charge Time 4 hours


Motor Brand Crystalyte
Motor Model TC4065 (138mm dropout clearance)
Motor Voltage 72V 65km/h winding
Max Motor Power 6,500W
Drive Type Direct drive
Motor Sensors Hall sensor feedback to CA


Controller Brand Crystalyte
Controller Operating Voltage 72V
Controller Operating Amps 90A
Controller Nominal Power Output 6,500W
Controller MOSFET Tubes 4115


Battery Width 87mm
Battery Length 484mm
Battery Height 135mm

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