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  • BBS HD1000 - Bafang Mid Drive B Series

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    Bafang has developed a new heavy duty, high performance mid drive motor that surpasses the performance of the BBS02. The BBS-HD (Also referred to as BBS03 or BBS-X) is a 1,000W nominal, 1,600W peak output monster of a mid-drive conversion kit, now with factory options for normal 68-73mm cranks as well as wider fat bike cranks (factory order). With 160Nm of torque, 30 Amp 12 MOSFET controller, and the choice of 2 high-drain Samsung cell battery packs, this conversion kit is the most powerful universal DIY mid drive on the market.

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  • BBS02 Mid Drive Electric Bike Kit Bafang - B Series PRE ORDER (end of March)

    The big sibling of the BBS01, the BBS02 mid drive kit comes in 500W and 750W and your choice of battery - For when you need to climb Everest on a bike...or travel a great speed - on private property.

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  • BBS01 Mid Drive Electric Bike Kit Bafang - B Series

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    A popular choice of mid drive kit from a proven name in the industry - The Bafang mid drive kit delivers a great amount of torque by powering the chain wheel. Available in 250W or 350W and with your choice of batteries.

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